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I've always enjoyed writing. I've also enjoyed playing, coaching, officiating, and watching various sports. Those experiences, along with my interest in geography, history, and travel have formed the backdrop for my books. I love to tell stories. All of them are true.

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It was a basketball lover's dream! When class basketball returned to Wisconsin in 1972, Spooner became the home of Class B and Class C sectionals. Antholz Gymnasium was packed for semi-final games on both Thursday and Friday nights and for a pair of championship sessions on Saturday. The field stretched from Lake Superior to the north, Hwy 51 to the east, Onalaska to the south, and to the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers to the west. The revised sectional drew 59 different schools over a 19-year span. Picking up where "When All Roads Led to Spooner" ended, these are the stories of the next 35 sectional tournaments; all played in front of roaring crowds at legendary Antholz Gymnasium.
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Once again your attention to detail is outstanding. Thank you for preserving the history of the Spooner sectional.
Spooner holds magical memories for many of us who participated.

I picked up your book out of curiosity. I thought it would be mostly statistics and stuff, but you tell stories.
It's really interesting!

Thank you! It's memories that we traveled down again only because of your book.

What a wonderful book! So many great stories and an outstanding follow-up to "When All Roads Led to Spooner."
Thanks for all the hard work in capturing these memories.

You have done a great job discussing the Spooner sectional and the excitement that always surrounded it.
I remember being able to play in it twice and those were the most exciting times in athletics besides winning the state baseball title. Great job with this book!

The new book is great and the writings about our team couldn't have been more accurate!
Thanks so much for doing this.





From 1943 through 1971, every public high school in Wisconsin played in a single basketball tournament and only one team could claim the title of "State Champion." During those years the goal of teams in the northwestern part of the state was to reach the Spooner sectional and from there, hopefully, the state tournament in Madison. In the 1940s it was Carl Vergamini's Hurley dynasty challenged by Roy Melvin's Ashland juggernaut. Superior Central was king in the 1950s followed by the Rice Lake and Eau Claire Memorial powerhouses of the '60s. Brief moments of glory were claimed by the Cinderella teams from St. Croix Falls, Rib Lake, Drummond, and Frederic. It's all here, the players, the coaches, the teams, and the dreams. Get ready for 29 years of the best of Northern Wisconsin basketball.


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"I read your book in two settings. I couldn't put it down."

"Your book is fantastic! It brought back memories that were long gone."

"My father was head basketball coach from 1948 to 1953. Thank you for putting the book together and retelling the history of Northern Wisconsin basketball."

"Congratulations on your wonderful, well-researched, and interesting book. You did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the Spooner sectional."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. GREAT JOB!"

"Your book is hard to put down. I plan to loan it to my brother who will enjoy it as much as I have."

"The account of the games was accurate and brought back fond memories."

"My dad played at the Spooner sectional in 1948 and 1949, so it was fun to read another account of those games I've heard so much about."

"I noticed a lot of things that I never knew about -- but the names and places are mostly familiar. You did a great job of collecting all of these facts. I know research is 90% of the game. Putting it in order and on paper is the fun part. Thanks again!"

"Thank you for all the work put into bringing back so many memories."

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Retired 8th Grade World Geography
teacher at S
pooner Middle School.
Basketball coach for 31 years.
WIAA Official for 54 Years.
High School Sports fan for 74 years.
(and counting...)


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